About us



In 2005 David Meller co-sponsored the opening of The Harefield Academy in Hillingdon. Following the success of Harefield David went on to sponsor other educational Institutions and he created the Meller Educational Trust.

The Trust now includes:

The Bushey Academy thebusheyacademy.org

Hertswood Academy hertswoodacademy.org

The Elstree UTC elstreeutc.co.uk

Marriotts School marriotts.herts.sch.uk

The Watford UTC watfordutc.org

Francis Combe Academy franciscombeacademy.org.uk

Global Academy globalacademy.com

For further details of the work of the Meller Educational Trust contact:  
Richard Elms, Chief Executive
Email: richard.elms@mellereducationaltrust.org
Tel: 07785 570 082