MET Trust Register of Interests 2017-18

The Meller Educational Trust – Company No. 06933010

Register of Business/Pecuniary Interests 2017/18



Nature of interest

Date interest registered

Date interest ceased


David Meller

Sponsor, Trustee and Member, Chair

Department for Education - Non-Executive Member;

The Elstree UTC – Trustee/Sponsor;

The Watford UTC – Trustee;

Hertswood Academy – Member/Trustee;

Greenhouse Sports Limited – Trustee;

The Harefield Academy (Extended Activities Ltd) – Trustee/Chair;

The British Friends of the Jaffa Institute – Trustee;

The Tel-Aviv University Trust – Trustee;

The Presidents Club Charitable Trust – Trustee;

Grenada Schools Limited – Trustee;

Access Aspiration – Trustee;

Tbap Foundation – Trustee.


Jan 2012

July 2013

March 2012

June 2009


Oct 2009

July 2010

Oct 2009

Nov 2011

Oct 2012

Feb 2013

Oct 2016




Rita Halbright

Trustee and Member

Trustee of Halcyon London International School;

Board Member – Facing History & Ourselves

May 2015

May 2015



Gilly Wiscarson

Trustee and Member

Holland Park School – Director

April 2015



Andrew Sheach

Trustee and Member





David Hughes

Director of Finance and Operations and  Trustee

The Elstree UTC - Trustee

Jan 2017



Richard Elms

Chief Executive Officer and Trustee

The Watford UTC – Trustee/Chair

The Elstree UTC – Trustee

Local Governor at The Bushey Academy.

July 2016

Nov 2016

July 2016



Lynn Gadd

Chief Executive Officer and Trustee

Local Governor at The Bushey Academy;

The Watford UTC – Trustee

Greenhouse Sports Ltd - Trustee

Feb 2014

Dec 2014

Feb 2014



Resigned from Post 17/07/16