Supplier Opportunities & Tenders

The Meller Educational Trust is seeking to procure across its schools for a common payroll provider and an HR services support partner. 

A briefing session will be held at 10am on 21 May 2018 at Francis Combe Academy, Horseshoe Lane, Garston, Hertfordshire WD25 7HW. 

Email if you wish to attend.   

Update - Amendment to Procurement Timeline

The Presentation date, originally scheduled for 14th June, will now take place on Friday 15th June.  

The Meller Educational Trust (MET) is seeking to procure across its schools for:

  • A common payroll provider; and
  • An HR services support partner.

Potential bidders are asked to submit an expression of interest to the following email address, indicating whether you intend to bid for one or both services:

Met Invitation To Tender Part A Payroll Services

Met Invitation To Tender Part B Hr Services

Please be aware that there is a typing error in Part B: HR services. Under ‘Submission of tender’ it should state ‘tenders for the provision of HR support services’ not payroll. 

Bids will be welcome for one or both payroll and HR support services. 

MET is seeking to procure both simultaneously to come into effect from autumn 2018 as part of a wider review of HR and central services. For this reason, we are issuing the specifications together. 

Bidders should indicate in their bid if the services are separable, i.e. the Trust can appoint to one of the services. They should also indicate the financial and other benefits of appointing for both services. 

Return of tenders by 5pm on 7 June 2018