Elstree UTC

The Vision

The entertainment industry has changed and now dominates young people’s lives.  This industry wants multi platform production – interactive and multimedia with access from iPads and iPhones, developments in mini films, games and accessibility applications.

Elstree UTC will offer full time technically orientated courses for students aged 14 – 19.  A broad range of courses focusing on technical skills, trades, crafts and technologies that support the entertainment, film, television, theatre, visual arts and digital communications industries.  These are vibrant industries that face an acute skills shortage.  Elstree UTC will offer a fantastic opportunity to students who are seeking training.

The industry is going through a period of rapid change as a result of the digital revolution and a new type of specialist is required.  Creative technologists with transferable skills are needed to fill a wide range of employment opportunities.  The developments across this area are extensive and engineering has changed irrevocably forming an essential part of the creative industry.

The ethos of Elstree UTC will be build around the excitement of the visual and creative arts and an enthusiasm for the supporting technologies.  Students will also be equipped with the interpersonal and transferable skills to tackle the challenges of beginning a career in this industry.  Our students will aspire to acquire new skills that underpin these developments.  Students will achieve their goals through a curriculum that blends academic rigour with practical training linked with real world projects.