About us

Our Journey So Far

The Meller Educational Trust (MET) is a charitable multi-academy trust specialising in improving secondary education. Our schools, which are broadly in the Herts/Hillingdon areas, include four Academies with Sixth Form provision and two UTCs (University Technical College).

We are a small but dynamic and mutually supportive group of schools with the belief that all young people deserve the very best education in order to achieve their full potential.

The Trust’s long term goal is that all of the students who attend MET schools will experience an outstanding and enjoyable education and be able to sustain the lifestyle of their choice. They will be independent, thriving economically and making a real, positive contribution to their communities.

We hope you will find here all the information that you are looking for, but for any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

David Meller was one of a group of sponsors who, in 2005, established The Harefield Academy. David soon developed a deep interest in transformational education and became Lead Sponsor and Chair of Governors at Harefield.

In 2008 David was approached by the DfE and asked to consider becoming the sole sponsor of what was about to become The Bushey Academy following the proposed closure of a deemed to be failing school in Bushey. The Bushey Academy opened in September 2009. In 2014 The Bushey Academy became the legal entity of the Meller Educational Trust.

In 2012 Hertswood School converted to sponsored academy status and has currently has an ‘umbrella’ arrangement and Service Level Agreement with the MET.

Three UTCs also enjoy David Meller’s sponsorship. The Elstree UTC opened in 2013, Watford UTC in 2014 and The Global Academy in 2016.  Watford UTC and The Global Academy have Service Level Agreements with the Trust.

In September 2016 Francis Combe Academy was welcomed to the MET family of schools. In September 2017, after a number of years as a stand-alone academy, The Harefield Academy became the third academy to join our MAT.