The Watford UTC

Our aspirations are your possibilities

The Watford UTC offers full-time technically-oriented courses to 600 students aged 14-19. A broad range of courses will have a special focus on the technical skills, trades and technologies that support the computer and digital communication industries, hospitality and tourism. These are vibrant industries that face an acute skills shortage and the UTC offers a fantastic opportunity to students who are searching for quality vocational education. The UTC’s two specialisms are Computer Science, Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management.

Communication binds our two specialisms together. Digital communication is at the heart of computer science and communicating with people drives the hospitality and tourism industries.

The information communication and computer industries are still going through rapid change with the digital revolution resulting in the need for new types of technicians and other specialists. A new breed of digital technologist is needed with transferable skills. The sponsors will provide the leadership and vision needed to promote courses that will attract and stimulate young people, some of whom may be unenthusiastic or even disaffected with their current lessons, studies, school environment and culture.

The digital revolution dominates young people’s lives like never before – the thinking is interactivity and multimedia with access from iPads and iPhones, with exciting developments in games and accessibility applications. There are developments in so many areas such as mobile technologies. Our students will aspire to acquire new skills that underpin these developments. Students will achieve their goals through vocational education and training that will open the doors to industries that excite and stimulate them. Students will, for instance be able to follow their musical, artistic and sporting loves by applying relevant computer technologies including digital imaging, computer games, digital recording, and sports science and technologies. One of the most appealing things about the specialism of computer science is that employers will be fighting over our students.

Hospitality and tourism, embracing travel and leisure, is one of the UK’s largest industry sectors, employing almost two million people which is 7% of all UK jobs and the hospitality industry faces a major skills shortage. Electronic connectivity and knowledge-sharing is the future of hospitality and tourism. It is a networked industry, thriving on electronic cooperation and succeeding through technology-empowered interoperability.

The ethos of the UTC will be built around excitement for our specialisms and the relevance they have to today’s young. We will build enthusiasm for the supporting technologies and skills as well as a realism concerning the challenges young people face when starting out on their careers.