Our Vision

The vision of the Meller Educational Trust (MET) is to ensure that young people are educated to an extremely high level and possess all of the skills necessary to ensure they are happy; fulfilled; socially aware; community minded and successful. 

The expectation of the Trust is that all barriers can be overcome to allow young people to reach their goals. MET schools* will be stimulating places where children are motivated and enjoy learning. They will have buzz, energy and vitality.

Students will leave MET schools with high self-esteem, well equipped for employment and with the life skills that they need and deserve. We will also emphasise the basics of literacy and numeracy and the values of behaviour and respect.

 We will ensure an outstanding level of teaching and our Trust will allow truly excellent and inspirational teachers to be given the freedom to use their skills across our member schools, valuing and celebrating diversity and raising aspirations for students of all abilities.

Partners such as Higher Education; businesses and high profile individuals will support and nurture our aims. Similarly, MET schools will have a relationship with other agencies (such as Facing History and The Brilliant Club) with the aim of raising aspirations and deepening understanding of MET students.

Our Core Values will inform the operation of the Trust. They are:

  • Aspiration
  • Compassion
  • Excellence

* Schools is the term used here to represent Academies; Primary Schools; UTCs and schools for students with Specific Needs.